Lama of Popsicle Sticks

The llama has been very popular for quite a while! You can see them everywhere: as a lamp,as decoration,on children's clothing,toys,pillows,curtains,duvet covers,etc. They're also super cute to see,that's true. Do you think they're so cute?

By the way,did you know that llamas are also called sheep camels? They come from South America,his family whethercamels and his fur is made whetherthick wool,just like a sheep. A llama has a long neck,long legs and he has no front teeth in his upper jaw... but he does have lower teeth,you know! Like camels,a llama has a split upper lip. And also funny to know: a llama has only two toes!

Because the llama has 2 clothespins glued on the back,you can clamp this tinted llama on anything. Well,squeeze with two hands at once,huh? :)

Do you also want to craft this sweet little lamy? Or do you say: La (at) ma (ar)? and wait for the next craft? That's possible,you know,because we just keep tinkering here,almost every day you'll find a new craft here! Follow De Knutseljuf already on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter whether Pinterest ?

Supplies:8 popsicle sticks,white and pink paint,a drop whetherblue and black paint. Then 2 clothespins,glue,scissors,1 wiggle eye and some rhinestones.

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