Tribute to Vivian Maier

Good morning and good day everyone, today I present to you an artist that many of you already know, others do not, I was one of the latter Vivian Maier was a person like many others, a simple babysitter who spent a lifetime taking pictures, developing negatives and printing her shots in the bathrooms where she worked improvised as a darkroom. She was just a babysitter but in reality she was the artist next door but without genius and recklessness, without lè phisique du role, just a great passion and a talented genius disguised as a simple person.She spent a lifetime collecting unique images that for reasons of space she stored in a rented box, on her death fate or fortuitous chance gave the opportunity to a young student to recover her job and to bring Vivian Maier back to life but in a new guise, that of a great artist. You will find this illustration handmade by me in #lascommessadellarte the title of the original photograph is "Chicago August 1975" I embrace you all and thank you again for coming here#abstractart #vivianmaier #photography #photoart #painting