Later when I grow up...

What a special year we've had on it. I really did not want to miss it despite all the personal misery and 2 times covid-19 of which 1x really positive tested. The first time, there was no testing. I didn't have a fever then, and I thought my lung condition had gotten worse. However, when the test came back with positive 1 November I was sure, so I had it in March 2020 as well.

The first time was more intense. The second time especially the fear of being as stuffy again as the first time. I've just been so lucky. I don't know why, and sometimes I find that kind of hard too. It turns out to be some kind of Russian roulette.

There was one thought that kept me going all the time, and that is that I want to be able to tell the next generation in 20 years' time how we lived in 2020. Just like my grandma used to tell me about World War II, but with a new kind of war. Of course in 20 years there will be more than enough people who can tell about the corona pandemic, but still this thought always popped up and it kept me going.

Now on the last day of the year I finally put that in writing and look back on for me a year with a lot of personal growth. I've learned how really, really, really important it is to listen to your own body. How I felt for the first time in... not constantly tired. There really was time left for fun things, just here in the house. That it's okay to get my rest and be nice (alone) at home and that doesn't say anything about whether I'm social or lonely, because I'm definitely not. There have been years when I felt lonely, but too much “have to” and so from hot to running does not make me less lonely or less. I may have felt more connected this year than years before.

In addition, I have also learned that this corona crisis is different for everyone and that it can be common. We're all on the same sea, but sail in our own boat.

Then I have one thing that is no different from other years, but perhaps with a different kind of meaning or hope, because now too I wish you all the best for the New Year and hope that all your dreams can come true.

Until next year


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How to avoid violating copyright!!!
#howtodealwith Anyone who thinks he can copy things off the Internet could sometimes come home from a cold carnival. Photographs, texts and songs may contain a copyright that protects their creator from illegal copies. How easy is the 'right click download' or 'copy/paste' action, but there are consequences attached to it. If the creator notices this and signals if a prosecution is deploying, this may cost you some pennies. Therefore, there are sites where you can download 'yes' photos such as' 'or' 'and a number of others where you can download to your heart's content and use them in your blogs. Also here on Yoors you can see such pictures with rights passing by. If you see that, you can report that but be 100% sure before doing so, because it is also not a tool that needs to be used in the appropriate and inappropriate way.. You can always click a photo with your right mouse button and see if they were found on Google. Texts of articles take over word for word to create a beautiful blog is out of the way. If you are saying something, use your own words and opinions, write it differently, mention the source you have consulted. Be original and respectful to the people who want to do well. That's how we make it something we can be proud of. If you have any additions to this, please feel free to let them know in the comments. Thank you in advance.   Beautiful Free Images & Pictures | Unsplash -
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After Eight
#Eten   #recipes #chocolate #italianrecipe Asparagus PEEL THE ASPARAGUS AND COOK THEM IN A SPACIOUS SAUCEPAN WITH WATER. ADD A TABLESPOON OF SALT AND A PINCH OF SUGAR. AS SOON AS THE WATER BOILS, TURN OFF THE WATER SOURCE. LEAVE THE LID ON THE PAN. SMOKED SALMON Roll up and distribute on the plates. Brush with a dressing of lime juice, fresh dill and pepper from the pepper grinder - - FRESH SPINACH Fry one chopped onion and 2 crushed cloves of garlic in oil. V add a handful of spinach leaves and add pepper from the pepper grinder.  Let the spinach shrk and then add again a handful. Add spinach leaves until they are on. REDUCE THE HEAT. - RISOTTO Fry one chopped onion and 2 crushed cloves of garlic in oil. AS SOON AS THE ONION BECOMES VITREOUS, ADD THE RISOTTO UNTIL IT BECOMES GLASSY (+/- 10 MINUTES). EXTINGUISH WITH A BIG SPLASH OF WHITE WINE. ADD A LADLE OF THE COOKING LIQUID FROM THE ASPARAGUS. STIR UNTIL COMPLETELY ABSORBED (+/- 15 MINUTES. NOW STIR PARMESAN. - PUT ON THE PLATE THE RISOTTO, ASPARAGUS AND STIR-FRIED SPINACH. DECORATE WITH FRESH DILL. - CHOCOLATE Au bain marie melt the broken pieces of chocolate. WITH A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE IS CHOCOLATE. THE DOG MARC (WILD HERB PLANT) FROM THE GARDEN OR MINT LEAVES DIP INTO THE MELTED BUTTER AND LET COOL IN THE REFRIGERATOR. DELICIOUS WITH A CUP OF COFFEE. - IT TASTES LIKE AFTER EIGHT! (DO YOU REMEMBER THESE CHOCOLATES?) - - AFTER EIGHT Meanwhile, the beautiful sunny day is almost over. The sun is almost going down. Have a little after-enjoy with a delicious beer. - -