Have you ever lived long-distance relationships or often called LDR?

Some people claim that LDR is the most sick relationship. But, without you knowing that LDR has a lot of benefits in love.
Based on my personal experience that is of course currently undergoing LDR, LDR is unique and many challenges. Just imagine if you have a couple between millions of kilometers, with a difference of 7 hours. How can you believe what he's like there? Not to mention the differences of Country, language, traditions. Can you imagine what it feels like? It feels like a big challenge. But the fact that I experienced was that LDR was actually fun and a lot of benefits. One of them. I can learn to adapt to my partner, we can manage the time difference that becomes an obstacle in our relationship. With this time difference we value more time, more appreciating the comonication, yes although only 5 minutes it really means for us to at least see each other through vidio call every day, at least can say I love you, take care or have a great day or more sweet. We also appreciate each other's traditions and adapt to the state of each couple. Yeah, that doesn't mean we're out of the squabble, and that's where we can learn emotional control.
From this relationship we know how to be faithful even though the couple is far away, we are curious to wait until the time to meet, so know how to be honest even if there is a chance to lie. Our love became bigger, silent praying for each other. Our inner bond becomes stronger because of the great love that can force what the partner feels. We got to memorize each other's daily schedules.

So... for those of you out there who are undergoing LDR is still excited because it's not forever. Ldr is painful. Depends on the way you live it. May your relationship be more lasting and until it ends to the business. Amen #yoo .rs #LDR