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There is a legend about the Pact between the Cat and the Devil, and it goes like this:

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived with her baby and her cat in a little house in the middle of the forest.
One day she had to go out, and she was very worried because she did not want to leave her baby alone, but she could not take him with her. So she looked at her cat and said to him:
- "My little cat please watch over my child, I will try to return as soon as possible."
So she went out. Immediately afterwards the Devil appeared in the house, the cat seeing him jumped in front of the baby's cradle without being intimidated.
For it is well known that cats are the only animals that are not afraid of such an evil being.
- "What do you want?" the cat asked
- "I'm coming to take the baby," said the Devil.
- "Well you can't, I'm taking care of the child," said the cat as he licked his paw
- "Insolent animal, you can do nothing about it," retorted the Devil
- "Very well," said the cat shrewdly
- "I'll make you a deal, if you guess the exact number of hairs I have all over my body you can take the baby. If you don't guess, you will go back to where you came from and never return. I'll give you three chances to get it right... So, do we have a deal?"
The Devil could not refuse this deal, he likes a challenge. So, thinking it would be easy, he accepted.
And with much patience he began to count the hairs.
-"One.... Two... Three... " but then a little bird sang, and so the Devil was distracted. Angrily, he began again.
- "One hundred... Two hundred.... Three hundred..."
At that moment the wind came in through the window and stirred the cat's hair, causing the evil one to lose his count once again.
- "Already 2 missed chances," the cat reminded him.
Nervously, the Devil started counting again, promising himself that nothing would distract him anymore.
- "One million... Two million... Three million..."
Then the cat moved its tail slightly, rubbing the Devil's nose, and he sneezed. And all the cat's hair flew everywhere.
-"You have lost your last chance. Now go away and never come back," said the cat.
The Devil was so furious at his loss that he swore he would one day be able to tell how many hairs a cat had, so he could return and finish his task.
So he left.
When the woman returned home, unaware of what had happened, she hugged and kissed the baby. Then she turned to the cat and stroked it behind the ear and thanked it for a job well done.
That is why cats to this day always leave hair lying around. Because in this way the Devil will never take his revenge. He will never know how much hair they actually have.
My very smart black cat Juliano in the photo near the blue ribbon.
Other photos: Renislava por Pixabay, Enrique por Pixabay, Stefan Keller por Pixabay, Palle Knudsen por Pixabay