Leijpark013 3 January 2021 Squirrel in distress

#leijpark013 Squirrel in distress:
A vigilant passer-by drew attention to Henk de Winter today to a squirrel that really didn't go well with. Unfortunately, the animal ambulance has no occupation today but foundation Leijpark013 cannot be caught for one hole. The squirrel was quickly picked up by Sander Snels, also involved as a host family at Stichting Wwerfkat Boxtel and brought to his house in a travel basket. There, as Vetergeneeskundig Centrum Oisterwijk consulted and ensured that the poor animal would not cool down further. The advice was to take the animal to a specialized shelter as soon as possible. Since the Vogelasiel Tilburg could provide the first shelter and also has a direct line with Vogelrehabilatiecentrum Zundert (specialised in squirrel shelter), that was the first option. Unfortunately they were also not accessible by phone and to not leave the animal alone in a cage, we searched further. Eventually we drove to Stichting Vogelasiel Someren with an appropriate rush and left the squirrel to the good care there. First aid: the heat cabin, bring moisture to level and try to feed the animal but above all, hope that the animal will make it through the night.
With great thanks to the attentive walker, this story will hopefully continue. 🙏