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A striking plant in the Leijpark is the Kleefkruid. This name she does not bear for nothing. The plant is literally dotted with small barbs; these are used by the herb to climb up to the light past other plants. Adhesive has its own weak stems and without all those barbs the plant could only lie on the ground.
Adhesive is a popular toy of children, precisely because it sticks to everything. Throw it secretly on someone's sweater or pants or even in the hair, he or she sweats it without even noticing it often. Hilarity everywhere. Farmers who grow grain are much less happy with Sticky. The herb pushes away the grains of the grain and grain that is' infected 'by Stickherb is no longer suitable for human consumption and may only be sold as feed grain. And feed grain is much cheaper, so farmers are losing income. The result is that Stickherb is combated with the necessary agricultural poison. A very bad development and high time to find something else here.
Adhesive herb is a useful herb with all kinds of applications: those who turn sticky herbs into a clot can clean a liquid from dust and flies. Our ancestors used the herb so, like a natural sponge that also served as a sieve; almost everything hangs behind it.
Adhesive can also be used in the manufacture of vegetable cheese. For the production of cheese rennet is needed. Normally this substance is extracted from the lebstomachs of newborns calves. Bull calves have little use in milk production and the vast majority of them go to slaughter. Also so-called organic cheese often contains rennet extracted from calves. The rennet causes proteins to clump together and thus produces cheese naturally. If you don't want to kill (or kill) animals to eat a piece of cheese, you can eat cheese with soy milk and rennet extracted from Stickherb in a vegan way.
In the horse world, Skleefwort is called the lymphatic nodule. It ensures the removal of waste and moisture. For horses with moisture in the legs, eating Stickherb is very useful and things that sell horse food often have Stickherb as a food supplement.
All in all a fascinating, useful and sometimes annoying plant. In the Leijpark she will occasionally be grabbed by an eager child's hand, to playfully end up in daddy's sweater. If it stays with these innocent teases, the Kleefherb is more than welcome in the Leijpark

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