Leonie goes on maternity visit

#Leonie is a woman in her 40s, she could be your neighbor. After her divorce, she builds her new life. With neighbor Mandy she has dinner appointments of the good kind: Mandy cooks! Love also comes around the corner, with all the consequences that entails.

“I don't know if he still has a second name, maybe he's called Siem Strawberry,” Leonie said when she regained from laughter. Martijn chucked. “Or Siem Vanille, or Siem Citroen, or...” Martijn was clearly inventing even funnier combinations of ice cream flavours when Julia entered the room, followed by Ismay. “Your nephew is born!” announced Leonie. Julia looked confused. “Nephew?” “Dagmar and Michiel had a son last night,” explained Leonie. “A nephew? I thought it would be a girl,” said Julia disappointed. “What is it called?” she asked. “Siem Banana!” shouted Martijn hicking with laughter. “It's a little boy... banana...!” He didn't even learn from his own joke. “Boy, you are a teenager!” she accused her little brother. “His name is Siem,” said Leonie. We're going to see him this afternoon when you're out of school. “Nice!” Ismay said, “Can I hold him?” she asked. “I think so,” said Leonie. Ismay grinned happy.

When the children went to school, Leonie went to Mandy: 'My sister had a son last night, his name is Siem! ' She didn't know how Mandy would react, but she just wanted to get in touch with her and share her joy. “Congratulations! “ Appted Mandy back. “When are you going to see him? “ Leonie shot the laugh. “see...” she mumbled. 'This afternoon when the children are out of school, 'she replied. “Are you free today? “ Mandy asked. Leonie sent a smiley looking sad. “No, have to go to work. Ismay cycled to school himself, so I suddenly have time left, but I have to leave now'. A smiley with a tear came from Mandy. “When will I see you? “ Mandy asked. “Tomorrow night? “ Then the children are back to Erik. Mandy sent a thumb-up.

At work, Leonie told Judith of course in scents and colours about her nephew. Fortunately, the working day passed quickly and Leonie drove home quickly to pick up the children and then drive to Dagmar. Dagmar sat in bed with blushes on her cheeks and with her son in her arms. Michiel had opened the door. He looked radiant and tired. Leonie congratulated him and then walked to her sister. Julia and Ismay were already at Dagmar to admire the new nephew. Martijn was standing at the foot end. “What is he SMALL!” Julia exclaimed. Siem moved from so much sound so close. Julia put her hand in front of her mouth. “Sorry, I didn't want to wake him up”. Dagmar laughed. “That doesn't matter at all, he gets used to the sounds around him.” Ismay was looking at it with open mouth. She couldn't turn her gaze away from little Siem.