Leonie hugs a tree

#Leonie is a woman over 40, she could be your neighbor. After her divorce, she builds her new life. With neighbor Mandy she has dinner appointments of the good kind: Mandy cooks! Love also comes around the corner, with all the consequences that this entails.

In the forest it was delicious, the smell of fresh green, the birds that cheerfully chanted. Those critters only had a simple life, raising their young and finding enough food, that was about it. And, of course, pay attention to danger. Leonie looked up at a big beech, these are impressive trees! She tended to beat her arms to his tribe, but she was always afraid that someone would see her. On the other hand, what did she care? She walked up to the tree, looked skitfully in it, and then grabbed the trunk of the tree. After a few seconds she let go again and walked on, chuckling in herself.

Also in the woods she had checked on her phone to see if her app on Mandy had two checkmarks, but no, still only one. Maybe she had poor reach in the forest, she had only kept it for a while, but it made her restless. What was going on? When she came home, she looked through Mandy's window, but there was nothing to see. There was foil in front of the kitchen window, so she didn't see it there anyway. The other window was from the extra bedroom, there was nothing special to see. Mandy's car wasn't there. Leonie tried to figure out if Mandy had told her when to work, but she couldn't remember saying anything about that. Well, of course, she could have gone to see her friend Elis. She wanted to let it go, but it worked out badly.

She decided to clean the bathroom, as a distraction. Then she just rewarded herself with a big cup of coffee when her phone rang. It was Ilse. She heard the panic through the phone. “I did it, I leave him, I said I want to divorce,” it sounded on the other side. “Oh, dear,” said Leonie, “where are you? Shall I come to you?” “I'm out for a while now, in connection with the children, they don't need to hear everything, but I'm staying here.” “And where is Vincent now?” Leonie asked. “I don't know, he left angry. He reprooted me for throwing away our relationship.” Ilse burst into a harsh, contemptuous smile. Involuntarily Leonie laughed. Vincent, who had cheated on several times, did Ilse reprobate for throwing away their relationship? “And what did you say?” Leonie asked. “Well, I told him I think he did that a long time ago.” Leonie could only confirm that. Leonie would have taken care of Ilse more than once if Vincent hadn't taken it so closely with some lady.