Let's be aware

#sustainability Let's become aware of it

Over time, many trees and plants have become naturally extinct, but today there are a lot of green areas and natural places that are threatened by large industries and businesses, plus that to build houses and form businesses the trees in that area are cleared, thus bringing some kind of plants to the edge of the extinction. We lose at least 400 plant species each year and this number continues to increase every time time passes.

I know that every day the human race grows and so the population is increasing, but why don't we plant a tree or a plant? Why don't we design ways to make constructions without damaging the environment and its areas?

Great benefits

We have great benefits and there are enough reasons to care for trees, first because they give us the oxygen we breathe. Although you did not know it has other great benefits and they go much further, although many times we are not aware of it. Trees contribute to counteract the presence of pollutants in the atmosphere, which becomes vital for large cities.

Therefore these same trees located in urban places protect us from heat and high temperatures in summer, so they are the best way to counteract the so-called stove effect, which occurs when heat penetrates into asphalt and concrete structures and they end up turning into plates that radiate heat during the night. Trees help to avoid this effect, preventing heat islands from occurring and allowing temperatures to be more stable.

In this way, we must become aware and thus participate in the contribution of concrete actions that will help to care for existing trees, and also to participate in the planting of trees to save the green areas that have been neglected.

Source: ecologiaverde.com
Image: pixabay