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For the sweeties among us

For the sweeties among us

The sweetest (and of course healthy) green smoothie

First of all, I'm not fond of green smoothies cause of the plain taste. So I began to ad some fresh fruit to make it sweeter. I can actually drink it now without feeling the need to pinch my nose 😜

The recipe

- 2 ripe bananas (or 1 full cup of greek yoghurt)

- 2 or 3 at taste (wild) peaches

- 2 cups of raw spinach

- 2 kiwis

- 1 pear


1. Cut the bananas in half and put them in the blender.

2. Start the blender for a brief moment on a high position in order to prevent clotting.

3. Cut te peaches into quarters and add them to the blender, repeat number 2.

4. Tear the spinach into small pieces and devide them into four groups. Add the groups to the blender, after each group repeat number 2.

5. Remove the skin of the kiwis and cut them into quarters. Add them all to the blender and repeat number 2.

6. Cut the pear in quarters, remove the head and the seeds . Add them to the blender and repeat number 2.

7. Pour your fresh healthy green smoothie into a nice glass and add a straw and a piece of lemon to make it look nicer ^^

I'd like to read your opinion! :)

P.s. I got the picture from google, I don't own it.


mmmm lijkt me erg lekker
07-08-2015 14:42
07-08-2015 14:42 • Reageer
Nah, dat is niks voor mij.
31-07-2015 22:19
31-07-2015 22:19 • Reageer
ziet er heerlijk uit !
29-07-2015 11:06
29-07-2015 11:06 • Reageer