LGBLOVE: Half Lover (Full English-Hindi)

A film movie that shows how homosexuals, lesbians and bis are discriminated and insulted, but also oppressed to have their own freedom for partner choice.

Synopsis - Director : - Tonje Gievjon , Sanjay Sharma
Producer : - Yuvraaj Parashar , Edith Roth Gjevjon
Starcast : - Zeenat Aman, Yuvraaj Parashar, Kapil Sharma, Meera, Sadia Khan.

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¿Cuál es la peor película que has visto?
#qa What is the worst movie you have seen? #·qa  On many occasions you go to the cinema to see a movie with great enthusiasm and you are disappointed, sometimes I think that I even lost my money, in fact, I even forget their titles. Among those "Top cat" or Don gato. The disappointment was great, especially when it was shown on television the next day. I felt ripped off. And what was your worst movie? ¿Cuál es la peor película que has visto? En muchas ocasiones vas al cine a ver una película con mucho entusiasmo y te llevas una decepción, a veces pienso que hasta perdí mi dinero, de hecho, olvido hasta sus títulos.  Entre esas “Top cat” o Don gato.  La decepción fue grande, sobre todo cuando al otro día la pasaron por televisión.  Me sentí estafada.  Y cual fue tu peor película?
Tips for the late flowering mountain sports pioneer!
We know them all: from those boys and girls who were dragged into the mountains as a child by their parents, since their tenth, effortlessly swooping down black slopes, living more or less in the climbing hall and experiencing fierce mountain adventure after another, purely because it is inextricably linked to their (social) life. Crazy! But... what if your parents used to go on a beach vacation with you all the time? Your “fresh alpine breeze” associates with toilet freshener? Whether you've been on badminton your whole life? In other words: when mountaineering is not poured into you with the spoon? Then at a later age discover your mountain sports passion and find your way in it often quite an exciting solo expedition. Good news for all newcomers; you're not the only one! Whatever the flame has ignited, that it no longer extinguishes is a fact. So you better do nice things with it! Only, where do you start without baking knowledge, experience, convenient connections and above all: mountains?! To give your upcoming adventures a boost in the right direction, here are some tips and tricks. Turn on your pioneer mode and let that mountain sport passion flower bloom! Tip 1: Take the leap into the deep - Do you have huge balls and you are not afraid of anything? Then the leap in the deep will be easy for you. Sign up for a climbing course or trail run clinic, book a trip to the top of Mont Blanc, or buy a mountain bike at the marketplace and go for yourself. No mountain too high, literally! If you dare: credits for you! You're a rare tough specimen, so go on! And enjoy it, we don't have to explain much more. Tip 2: Finish the 'tastings' - Do you think in mountaineering, “it sounds like something, but I don't know anyone who does this.”? Or 'I have some mountain-sporting friends, but they're all much better than me'? No problem! In any case, it never hurts to orient yourself quietly and try out some options before you throw yourself into something full of surrender. Check for example if you can take a trial lesson at a climbing hall, boulder hall or indoor ski track (or other place of your choice). Most halls offer this, also for your own safety. After all, getting off to a good start in a new sport will result in great fun and minimal risk of injury. In addition, during these trial classes you often get in touch with people who are in the same boat as you. Dive up your fun new potential sports buddies! win-win! Tip 3: Only = not so lonely - This is especially for the climbers among us. Do you want to climb, but you don't have a climbing buddy even after tip 2-? Look in the hall if there's a bulletin board with 'climbing buddies wanted. '. Many halls offer this service. Facebook groups can also be a godsend. Climbing requests pass there too. In fact, you never have to do it alone. Tip 4: Bomb your friends to mental coaches - Your friends and girlfriends still look at you uncomfortably when you tell about your new mountain ambitions? And they prefer to spend their time and money on (for example) the local carnival association? Then do not bother convincing them, but slowly involve them in your activities. For example, take them to an outdoor film festival, organise a camping weekend or invite them to join us during your training hikes or cycling tours in the Netherlands. Maybe they won't go up (or down) with you, they can enjoy with you during all the preparations. Cozy and good for your mental support during harsh workouts. Do you have any nice additions? I like to hear them! #outdooronline

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