A note from the depth of my heart ...

I'm on the edge of losing myself and again writing about Pain , Love , depression , rejection , fear ...
then , You'll think I am just a helpless and desperate person but I am not ,
if I was that way I would never have the courage to share all of
that and to talk about it in a way that none will ever understand .
All I know is , I must be sorry for doing so but we mostly search to read Real facts and Real stuffs , Don't we?
Don't we love facing truths even if it hurts?
or is that just me trying to hurt myself everytime I overthink something or run after some truths ?
And I wish not ...
Anyway , Have you ever questionned your own worth in someone's life? or even felt clingy in a way that nothing helps
to reduce your stress level from the feelings that comes to you ?
Maybe you did because I personally did and that was the worst thing ever and no matter how hard I try not to
, I always fail at doing so..
ugh ! I don't know what I am talking about but I want to just write and fill those blank spaces with my insignificants
phrases and you're not supposed to continue reading it if you don't feel like doing so ...
However , I think you noticed my thing with the three successive points which I write to ignore some of my dark thoughts
because I hate it when I become a bad influencer or talk about things none across their limits to talk about ...
Furthermore , I wish I am not making it worse for you to move on and forget all the pains of yesterday , I am just
trying to talk about my own pains and my owns thoughts because that's the real only way to survive by accepting
what you're going through and survive with it , Acceptance was always the first step to everything ...
well , again I am just passing through words with no good linkers or meaningful phrases but
it's 17:04 , 26/07/2020 I am just saving a date that shouldn't be saved because it has no meaning ,
no exact thing happened in and it's the third day I'm being ignored as the past days ,
that shouldn't influence me but it does and I started to feel somehow weird ...
like I don't belong to anywhere and like the spaces in my heart are not filled..
Those are just feelings and they'll disappear , no?
#life #pain #survive#accept #survive
will they disappear ?
Tell me that they will and I'll believe you ...