Life on board a ship

I created with the knowledge-rich online team for #zeebenengezocht again a nice informative placemat. This is about life on board a ship, types of ships and professions at sea. A whole world to discover!

The informative placemat falls under the project Zeebenen in the classroom. With this, Zeebenen Gezocht primary school learners want to get acquainted with the Dutch maritime transport in a fun and educational way. They also offer education programmes for groups 7 and 8 to make children enthusiastic for the seafarer profession.

There are two versions. There is a print version that you can download, on it are fun and creative assignments at the bottom. In the digital version, these are also, but a little hidden. There you will also read deepening texts, you will see additional image and video material. See if you know everything, make the quiz!

This informative placemat is intended for #basisschoolleerlingen (10-12 years) and is available free of charge via .
Fun in nature
Maybe for many this seems grotesque and anti-natural, but let me tell you that from my own experience I know how fun it is. A passing day we were surprised by nature with a heavy rain and of course a lot of mud. The boys and teachers played and had fun bathing with mud to their teammates. I must say that enjoying these moments is unforgettable for young people and creates strong bonds of friendship and affection. (The clothes we had to drop it but their joy was worth it)
Have you lied to achieve a purpose?
#qa In Venezuela, the lie has become a habit. Liveness and lie has become the day of almost all its inhabitants. Getting to a healthcare center in the middle of this pandemic is depressing. Recently I have had to take a family member with symptoms of covid and with a fairly committed prognosis to one of these outpatients and it has been an almost wild struggle to be cared for. Standing at the door for long hours and seeing how they cared for some patients and others did not, forced me to put a lie of the pious calls to be cared for. On this occasion I had to say that it was recommended by a senior state government official (which I had heard from someone else) to be taken care of.. Now I wonder, is it bad to lie?. Maybe if I hadn't done it, my relative could have passed away.. This example undoubtedly has the ability to generate an interesting debate about lying. It is said that a lie changes everything, in my case, of course it changed, I was taken care of immediately, but my conscience is not clear and I do not feel good for having done it, because thinking that there were patients in equal or worse conditions makes me feel a bad person. But at the same time I wonder if a person who hunts animals asks us in which direction did the fox go what would you say? , the right direction or the other, if you know that by lying you could save his life. Pixabay image