Life with Crest Syndrome 2: Living in a warm climate

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In 1998 we moved! #Bonaire !

It quickly went better when we lived in a (continuously) warm climate. Friendly residents, nice climate, beautiful living environment. I was in love!! On BONAIRE!

In the Netherlands they advised me to go to the 2nd HAVO, but I wanted to go to the 2nd MAVO. For the first time I had nice classmates, I mean
a class where all fellow students were nice and helpful, no one looked strange that I did not speak the language (Papiamentu) yet. I had 3 new girlfriends in no time! With one of my new friends I had made a deal, she would teach me Papiamentu and then I would help her with her Dutch (She spoke well, by the way, but she didn't think so).

I think this good start here has helped a large part to stabilize my disease. Stress is one of the factors that let this disease go wild, in the Netherlands due to the weather changes there was a lot of stress (and other factors of course, but the weather was the biggest)
My cuticles got better, no more raynaud attacks. Of course, the warmth also worked nicely. On Bonaire I have no #ulcers Had.

In 2001 I passed MAVO, one of my girlfriends (whom I had made in the beginning) succeeded with me. The day after my graduation, we moved again...

Until next time...