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Week 1 in hospital 29-30 weeks pregnant
You already guess, after the first three days in the hospital, my stay there was initially extended by three days. Every other day, blood was pricked and I had to release urine. I was only allowed to get out of bed for an hour when my husband came by with my mother, otherwise I had to stay in bed. Oh yes, and I could of course shower etc in the morning (or afternoon or evening). Because of the infection on my foot, I ran hard.

Week 2 in the hospital 30-31 weeks pregnant
My stay in the hospital would now be until our son was born (my due date was December 27!!) Also, I'd seen so many roommates come and go, and believe me, that's frustrating... but now. A new roommate, very friendly woman, was admitted for a few days, five. And I did not close an eye for 5 days, not very good for health. On day 1 of this lovely woman's stay, I had the first (of 2) corticoisteroid shots. (This so that my baby's lungs would mature faster for a possible premature birth). So on day 5, when the lady went home and I hadn't slept, I had a migraine attack and I was just off the trail for a while. The doctors and my husband had discussed that I would stay in a separate room for a while so that I could sleep well, I myself now have a black hole of about 12 hours, that I do not remember what happened. Because of the stories I did apologize to the nursing staff and my mother (whom I hurt).

Week:3 in hospital 31-32 weeks pregnant
Fortunately, things got better soon, and our tough guy grew well. After this incident, I got a bed in another room one closer to the sisters. Every other day, the heart rate of our son and his movements was measured. A second corticoisteroid shot was given and then it was immediately checked to see if I slept every night.

Week 4 in hospital 32-33 weeks pregnant
We got a 4D echo, really everything we could see. Only now they saw slowly that our boy wasn't growing as hard as they had hoped, despite that he was moving well and his heartbeat was also strong.

Week 5 in hospital 33-34 weeks pregnant
Again an echo, our boy had almost nothing arrived. Because of this in conjunction with excess protein in the urine, they decided to place a balloon on November 14. With this, the doctors hoped our boy would come. But he did not:)
On November 16, exactly 34 weeks pregnant, I woke up at 5:00. I could take a shower and then I could go to the delivery room. I called my husband, and he was coming. My parents were supposed to come later. At 8 o'clock my water was broken, and at 2:55 he was there after a traumatic delivery. (his heart rate got slower and my blood pressure shot up) But how beautiful he was! (Yes I know, cliche)

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Life with Crest Syndrome 7: Childbirth