tik tok is everywhere

I didn't want Yoors to be left out.

TikTok; Viral Chinese video sharing and editing application.

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It is the year 2016 . I'm in my dad's backyard because I believe that is where the best background is. The background is actually just the only cobweb and moss free wall in the entire place. With shaky hands, I place my Nokia Asha on the window sill, level to my face and upper body. Feeling giddy as a girl whose crush just smiled at her, I practice my pose before setting the Musically countdown . It's drizzling lightly and I am worried about my mom's make up washing off my face, but I brush it off because I know I'll be moving too fast for anyone to notice. I press the red button and run back to stand in my previously practiced posture. 3...2...1! Time to shoot. Life's good.

"Tik Tok is everywhere!" said a celebrity that I follow on Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, Reels, that dating app … you name it. Nobody has been left behind. Your shy neighbor, your pious aunt, your favorite celebrity, almost everyone is … or should I say was now?... on it. Previously Musically app, it is an addictive video editing app that the world loved at once then got tired of it - or something. What with bans facing it and parents damning it online, I do not know how much longer the popularity of this app I have personally come to love will last. Regardless, after getting 63 likes on my last video, I think it is about time I explain how I reached these excessive heights of success. Don't worry, I am not conceited, just using sarcasm to cope. But seriously, if I came out of my shell with my bombastic ideas, it is over for you all. Just kidding though. The creativity of people of this world is astronomical.

So, I log into tiktok in the afternoon, when my mind literally can't come up with one more line of code and my tummy and brain have conspired against me. It's some sort of addiction that has no way of being avoided - this tiktok app. I mean, even if I went to Instagram or You Tube instead, I would still find it there, so I just surrender to the source. It is easy to tell what is trending from this page called the "for you page". You see three similar videos that look alike, just know that's what's currently cool . Never mind that the app's developers actually have a page that specifically focuses on what's trending in your country. The "for you page", is the "discover" page of tiktok and trust me, all the good stuff is there. Did I mention the diversity that is on tiktok?

Now, after I have seen what is trending, it is up to me to decide what I want to do. Will I follow James Charles' latest make up trend with a twist? Will I lip sync to Jada Pinkett's "Entanglement" voiceover, with a twist? Will I practice the newest dance moves - you guessed it- with a twist or will I do all of the above exactly how I saw them done. The only other option I have got besides this is to come up with my own content and hope it will be good enough for other people to like and actually copy. I turn over lazily in my dad's love seat and try to rack up some ideas but most probably just end up binge-watching Puss In Boots (I love that cat).

I remember this girl from my country who just belly danced her way to fame. It wasn't her first belly dance on tiktok. Might have been the song, or just good timing , or stars crossing; whatever you want to believe. But she just went viral overnight and her life changed for the better. "Is that what I'm pining for?" I silently wonder. the truth is a painful, shameful blow to my self. "Am I just envious? When I make my next tiktok, do I want to be her or even better than her?" Luckily, my afternoon nap saves me from these wonderings. For now.

It's now nighttime. I might have spent the few hours after my nap doing something constructive or maybe... I get up from my seat, where I was most probably looking at the laptop screen hoping my writer's block will just magically poof away (it usually does) and go to the kitchen to get my phone charger that I forgot to take with me after my afternoon nap. It's probably around 9:30 pm and I am feeling really sleepy. The distance from my bedroom and kitchen is short but long enough for me to forget what I went there for. As I stand at the kitchen door (my parents don't have an open plan kitchen) wondering what the heavens took me there, an idea strikes. So hard, that I have to take a step back. Charger forgotten, I rush to my bedroom. I have a tiktok idea!!

"What if?". "What if?" , my thoughts monkey dance around my head. Hoping that I have finally found the "it" thing that will launch me into a money-making content creator, I open my notepad and start writing. Erasing here, replacing there, till I have my masterpiece. I decide to go with a POV (point of view) that goes like this:

(me locking door)

Brain: Hey, you forgot something!

Me: What?

Brain: I can't say...

Me: (slightly mad) Because you don't know or you don't want to?

Brain: Oh, I do know what it is

Me: Then tell me! I'm running late!

Brain: No.

Me: (begging) Come oon.

Brain: I said no.

Me: (huffing, leaves)


Brain: Hey, it's the burner.

Me: (confused) What?

Brain: You forgot to turn it off...

Me: (panic showing clearly on my face)


I finally go to bed with an idea in my head. I most probably won't do it, but just knowing that I am capable of coming up with something worthwhile makes me sleep better at night.