LinkedIn is an extensively outstanding professional online platform for businesses and companies. The importance of a good LinkedIn account to a company can not be overemphasized. The following are some of the few important of it's important to a company.

Importance Of LinkedIn Account For A Company.
The importance is:
•    It helps businesses and companies to get access to recruiting top and talented workers.
•    It helps to establish and share posts that apply to one's supporters and also endorsed ads can be created to improve future brands and products.
•    A company and individuals can also develop a showcase page that helps to facilitate their product and brand.

To take good advantage of this platform as a company one needs a company account or a business page. Below are the simple steps to build a business page for your company.

How To Have A Company Account OnLinkedIn.

1.    Create a company page.

To create a company account at different stages there are procedures to take that help talented job prospects and possible clients to learn and know more about the brand, business, product and services, and even job vacancies. The three straightforward stages are given below:
o    Specify an organization category.

This business type can be either of the following;
•    Small Business: the employee force is lesser than 200person.
•    Medium to large business: the employee force is more than 200 persons.
•    Showcase page: this is a sub-page of an existing page.
•    Educational institutions: this is mainly for schools, colleges, and universities.

o    Add company details.
the first here is to draft out the company's description then other details follow.
•    Page identity. Under page identity we have
a.    Business name
b.    LinkedIn public URL and
c.    Business website.
•    Company details. Under company details we have
i.    Industry
ii.    Company size and
iii.    Company type.

o    Add the company's logo and cover image.
It is very important to include the company logo and cover page before the publish button is clicked. The logo should be in 300×300 pixels, Png, or JPEG file.

2.  The second thing required is to create a career page. This gives room for a company to tell its story, mention the decent talent, and also its effect on the company goal.

The life tab portrays the company's inside to the job seekers. This section permits showing long-term posts, gallery photos, company insight, leaders, and even videos.

3. Enter and build a LinkedIn group.
•    Post, respond, and edit the page.
•    Post pdf, PowerPoint, and word documents.
•    React and comment on the page.
•    Relate to your community in real life by using LinkedIn live events
•    Post more on matters that matter to the followers.

Though LinkedIn has made it easy through the step-by-step guidelines of creating a company account but in case of any difficulty, one can always visit the "LinkedIn help page" for help.

How To Grow Your Audience.
•    Find out content that is trending with the targeted community.
•    Use the call-to-action techniques to Propel certain actions.
•    Permit the community to leave their contact info in an auto-filled form.
•    All visitors should be transformed to lead by adding a lead generation form.
•    All activities should be monitored with the virtual analytics tool.
•    Use the product page to generate quality leads.

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