Living with your child in foster care #coronacrisis.

Here I go, see if I can write. Today I want to talk about my difficult time now. Yeah, I get that everybody's having a hard time right now, but that doesn't make it any easier. I'll start at the beginning.

I am a mother (27) of a lovely son. (5). Me and his father aren't together anymore. For several reasons. But the biggest two were that he cheated and had conceived a child with her, but the most important! That I found out he had the courage to abuse my child. So all in all, youth care came into the picture. This is two years ago. Meanwhile, I'm with a great man. Who was so sweet to my child. But youth care disapproved him on his past. Now it comes. Since last May, my child has been taken away from me. Not because I abused him, not because I was bad for him. But because I moved, couldn't find a new job. And due to mistakes of the municipality, 5 months without income, because of this I decided after 3 months without money that it would be better if my child could stay with his grandmother for a few weeks. So I could put things in order here. And just bought food and clothes for him again. This was all agreed. So arranged. But then! Came the next day. (My child was picked up by his grandmother the day before) I get a call, it was the guardian. Who for a moment decided that my child was immediately put out of the house because I neglected him!!! Something I would never do in my life. But this was her “Tells” by grandmother. (Incidentally my ex-mother-in-law) all in all I was told that my child would not come home anymore. All the guidance there was to help my child get on top of the assault, and me to deal with a traumatized child was taken away.

But now we're a year away. And the year was really fighting for me. The William Scarer Group wanted my child to grow up with his grandmother, and took every straw of bad events from me and my partner's life before that time to prove that I was a bad mother. After 9 months of fighting, the judge also recognized this and allowed me until May this year to prove that I can take care of my child. But unfortunately then Corona came around the corner. And I haven't seen my child in a month and a half. Yeah, I can talk to him on the phone 10 minutes a week. (But if you have or have had a child of 5, you know that it is often impossible) Everything is now postponed. And it's still uncertain when I can see my child again. God, I miss him!

Now the guidance that is with my visits. These take every chance to take me down. Working with wsg and grandma. And also with Father. (Where they provide guidance at home) I am so sorry. Especially because thanks to them it is now allowed that my child can sleep with his father every other week!! (The one who did abuse him and neglect him!) And the one who's holding this in the gate right now is not a specialized care facility. No, this is Grandma. (His mother) who will never say the wrong word about her holy child.

All in all, this time will become very uncertain for me. And there's a lot of fear that I might get my child back in a year.

I'm gonna stop it for today. And will quickly type a sequel.

Love for my son.
And see you soon! #jeugdzorg #wsg #corona