How-to be #Sexy !

Well, there's no accounting for taste. Many people, many flavours! So, there's absolutely no reason not to feel sexy!

If you ask several people the question: "What does sexy mean to you?" they may give you answers based on look and appearances.

Beautifull lips, a killer waste, good curves, a round or small behind. small or big breasts, a beautiull face, nice hair .. They can all be the answers to the question people will answer if you ask what they define as sexy.

Sexyness comes from the inside!

Someone can be incredible handsome and perfect due to the classical beauty ideals the world wants you to see, but be a horrible person on the inside. However those persons will be the center of attention at first entering a room, they might not be that intesting anymore after a short period of time fot the opposite sex. Because if you aren't as good-looking on the inside and may even have an evil character, this will sooner or later be projected on your appearance. 

You may be able to fool the opposite sex hiding behind those pretty eyes or your gorgeous smil for a while, but after a while they will define your level of sexyness on your characteristics. If you aren't as pretty on the inside as you are on the outside, you may not be that beautifull anymore for the rest of the world as you seem to be before..

You don't fit the classical ideals of beauty?

Don't ever let anyone tell you, you aren't sexy! Instead, let your personality shine! If you feel good about yourself, and if you are a good person, that is social and has a warm character, you will show this on the outside! Beauty really comes from the inside!

I can speak from my own experiences when I talk about this subject. I have never been the pretty girl at school, or the one that got all the attention from the opposite sex. I didn't have the perfect body. I was happy with my breasts though, and I always loved my hair. But that was as far as it went. And that was what I projected when you looked at me.. 

Until that moment came, that I started to go uit to clubs, and often went with 2 friends that did fit the idealistic beauty characteristics the world calls sexy. I didn't see it back then, but they told and showed me that I got far more attention from the opposite sex when I was dancing. I was surprised to see that, because in that period of my life, I thought I didn't fit in because of my insecurities. 

When I payed attention to it, my self-confidence got a huge boost! All of the sudden I felt more and more confident about myself. The difference between one of those friends and me was, that she used her looks to get attention so guys would pay for her drinks all night. Her character started to show what she was made of, and her inside wasn't as pretty as her outside. So after a while, guys didn't pay any attention to her anymore.

"I was not busy scoring free drinks, I just wanted to dance all night long and have fun. And fun I had, and that's what I showed. I get enough attention from the opposite sex when we went out, but many times I didn't even notice this mysel because I was too busy being in my own world of music and dancing."

Later on in life boyfriends I had learned me that they found me incredible sexy, something I had a hard time believing in the beginning. The more I learned about life the last years, the better I understand that people are more attracted to social, open and warm persons than to pretty but arrogant persons. If they have some characteristics (like nice lips, breats or behind) that they prefer, that's only a plus! 

At this point of life I am convinced that when you didn't have these, persons that prefer these kind of characteristics normally when asked what they find sexy, can still define you as sexy! 

So for everyone, don't ever forget what's writen below:

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