Lockdown in so many ways

I have decided to change my life completely.
I quited my job and moved to another country, as the love of my live can develop here. I hoped that my professional experience will let me get a new job fast.
Unfortunatelly, it didn't.
In December, I found myself in the new country with no job (and consequently, no money), no friends and no language. It was my first lockdown. I was sitting at the appartament sending thousands of cvs. Hoping that getting a job will change everything else.
In March the second lockdown came, for everybody. It automatically blocked all my possibilities to find a job, as my industry suffered the most of all. With no hope it will change soon.
In May I have starded my third lockdown. I used to suffer depression, which I have happily conquered years ago. In my situation now, I feel the demons are coming back, making myself lockdown in my spirit. Loosing any hope and happiness.

We are together in this. I believe nobody is happy with the situation. When you are sad because you can't go on a trip or have a beer with friends in the pub, there are people who suffer their lockdowns quietly at home. Those who got sick, whose close ones are sick (and can't even see them to comfort them). Those who are away from their families and friends. Those who lost their jobs because of the situation. Those who run any business and are facing bankruptcy at the moment. And those, who are facing their own demons, closed with them in the four walls.

We are together in this. We can suffer being together and supporting each other. I believe we can do this together. And I want to believe it will be better sooner or later.