Looking for Love in The Sims!

Looking for love
In the sims

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Looking for true love isn't as easy as it seems, even in The Sims you sometimes have some struggles you have to go through. In this episode, we see how this works for us and our Sim Maya! Our first Sims episode that came online last month has been a success for our channel.! So we have continued with this series, this time we spent a little more time recording and editing the video. It's fun to play this Legacy Challenge along with @EnyaMona because we both enjoy playing The Sims. Ideal series for our channel!

In the legacy challenge, you're supposed to be able to leave something behind for the next generation in your way. But then you have to have a next generation.! This is how we started looking for a nice man for Maya, our Sim in this episode. Because once we know who our man is going to be, we can REALLY start setting up something for our next generation!

If you prefer to watch the video now, you can watch it on our YouTube channel “Enya and Marc” or at the bottom of this blog!



We actually start this episode by trying to make money.! We have a part-time job as Barista and so we still have plenty of free time. That's why we thought it was a good plan to do some loose chores for other Sim. This way you can earn some money and get to know people.

We had to find a BBQ Pit and make something on it, it took us a whole Sim day to find it and then be late! Another Sim had the pit in use where we couldn't use it!

That's why we thought it was a good time to stop doing casual chores but looking for a new job.

And then Maya became a raid teacher.


After we have been able to find a new permanent job, we were better focused on looking for love.! We've already picked out several men for Maya but no one really seemed to match.

In the end, we came across a cozy nature and started dating with this. This also had its ups and downs, but in the end, everything worked out well. That's how we had the first kiss and are determined to make this man THE MAN of Maya!!

Of course we are going to give him a complete makeover, this is something Enya would like to do. And then we can REALLY start our next generation and Maya's Legacy.!

But that's for next time! 

Take a look at our video below, and see the next time!


Looking for love — sims legacy challenge [part 2]


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