Los Atlanteans in Baralt Square

#history The new botica was a famous pharmacy located in the center of our city of Maracaibo, specifically in the busy Baralt Square.
The façade of this building is unique in Venezuela, as it was decorated with two Atlantean giants of 2500 kilos each and which were popularly named by the passion fruit as “Samsons”.
Inaugurated on June 21, 1925, it was a four-story building, where the famous pharmacy “Botica Nueva” operated, considered for the time a skyscraper since it was the first to own seaters.
Its Atlantes chiseled in carrara marble, brought by boat from Italy, became symbols of progress for the time in a thriving and growing Maracaibo due to oil exploitation.
An iconic structure of our city, which is still standing, and that continues to cause astonishment to those who know it even if they are no longer in their best condition.