Lost in Bogota

#stories 3 years ago we took a trip to Bogota, Colombia. We started walking street after street.

We met incredible places, ate and drank delicious things. We met wonderful structures and people. The reception was extremely friendly.

One day in the afternoon, we decided to go for a walk for a while, it was very cold as is usual in this city. We met a huge, woolly dog, I couldn't miss the opportunity to pet him and take a picture of myself next to him. He is a very beloved dog in this area where we were.

Every afternoon, his dream usually takes him out for a walk and everyone is surprised by his large size.

After this pleasant moment in the company of this adorable dog, we walked through unknown places, met Hard Rock café and visited some shopping centers.

When we found out, we were a little far from home. . We were lost haha. Luckily we asked some locals for help and were able to return.