#fromsanvalentine Happy day of love and friendship, today I bring you a very controversial topic and I wanted to know your opinion on the subject.
In recent times, diseases and the economy have been affecting couple relationships, as well as family relationships. This has put the essence of true love to the test by fire, for this reason couples have looked for options to not stop keeping their relationship afloat even though all this, so social networks have been a perfect bridge to continue interacting Although there are young people or adults who have challenged this situation and prefer contagion to stop having kisses and caresses, typical of a love relationship.
Digital natives have faced this new way of relating more naturally because, according to Dr Caroline West, professor of sexuality studies at Dublin City University, “they have grown up with their technology-mediated lives, and digital intimacy is a reflection of our modern lives.
I believe that love is expressed throughout a lifetime, and when love is true, it remains, even in the distance, of course when you express love like our ancestors, they did it with their hearts and actions, but let's also remember that our grandparents did not have cell phones or the internet and even so, they could balance that love by waiting until could be seen personally. Now I ask you, what do you think?