“Chapeau” literally translates hat into French, but most of all it is to honor someone, and in the publishing world it is that text at the beginning, which invites us to continue reading,.. and about the 3rd Reading Festival in Parque de la 93
#vanesadelatorre @vanesadelatorre told us about his most recent work “Love Stories in War Fields”

And it is fascinating how he introduces us to the scene of war and translates the feeling of love right there,.. his words always have the strength of his genuine gestures of those who write with passion and from the heart, a being of light today a reference to future generations of journalists, a brave woman who takes on the challenge of being on the side right, the truth.

Our admiration for this beautiful woman,
a real example to follow. “Chapeau” Vanesa.

Festivaldellibroparque93 Bogota D.C. Colombia

Photo: @Franco Mendoza Photo rights reserved