Low-carbohydrate casserole with chicken

Always handy, a casserole. You can prepare it in advance and put it in the oven whenever you want.
This onelow-carbohydrate casseroleasks, by the waylittle preparation. And that's how I like it!

Needed(for a large dish - 4 adults):

- a container of mushrooms, cut into strips.
- a large, red onion (or 2 small ones), cut into strips.
- a container of unsalted bacon strips.
- 500 g of chicken breast, cut into pieces.
- grated mozarella
- olive oil

- Spread some olive oil on the bottom of a spacious casserole.

- Fill the bottom with a thick layer of mushroom strips with red onion - strips.

- Stir for a moment so that the oil is distributed a little.

- Now add the bacon strips and stir again.

(Everything raw, nothing pre-fried.)

- Arrange the pieces of raw chicken on this.

- Sprinkle with grated mozarella.

- Put in the preheated oven (180°C) until the mozarella turns golden yellow and the chicken is cooked. This will take about 20 - 30 minutes.


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