LUCAS AND GEA from Oude Pekela in Meppel

#ZANGDUO 😍 #ZANGDUO 😍Lucas and Gea is a #Nederlandstalig vocal duo from Oude Pekela. The #duo which consists of Lucas Hulshof and Geertje (Gea) Hulshof-de Vries has been singing together since 2000 Why this post 😍On the DMD (Thursday Meppel Dagen) came every year and it is not so surprising that I have filmed them as well.
On Thursday 4 Aug 2011 Lucas and Gea performed during the action-day: “Great resistance against cancer” by RTV Drenthe in collaboration with St. Mont Ventoux Meppel. It was a big crowds on De Groenmarkt in Meppel. The whole was live on radio and television from #RTV #Drenthe broadcast.
On 5 March 1966 Geertje de Vries was born in Emmen. Borger Lucas Hulshof was born on 28 April 1966. After having sung in a wedding orchestra for 20 years, together with his brother Simon, he decided to continue singing with his wife Gea.

After Lucas recorded a number of songs for a compilation album in the local record store, an old song was re-recorded in 2000. This was their first hit with the name, “You're crying over and over again. Because the song was on a new album, it was played a lot on the pirate channels. After the song was handed in to Radio Noord, you were always crying the most played number of the province of Groningen. After this success an album with the same name was released. 40 000 copies of this were sold in a short time.

After the many performances at parties, parties, radio and TV comes the single De Truth. This is followed by the album Tell me why. In November 2002 Lucas and Gea went to Gran Canaria with a TV team and a number of fans to record a TV special there. On New Year's Eve the special will be broadcast by TV Noord, in March 2003 the special will be on DVD. Later that month the new album Geluk also follows in your eyes. On 20 September 2003 the program Op Veziede bie Lucas and Gea (Visiting Lucas and Gea) recorded. This is an own music program in which Lucas and Gea visit a number of artists from the province of Groningen. This is again broadcasted with great interest at TV Noord.

In October 2003 Lucas and Gea founded their own record label, L&G Producties. With this they want to be known nationwide. It starts with a new TV special, now in Turkey. After being broadcast on several regional channels, the special will be released on DVD on December 27, 2003. On November 7, 2003 the new album, Full Moon and Red Wine will be presented during a big party. This is the first album to be released nationwide. At the end of 2003 Lucas and Gea moved from Westerlee to Oude Pekela.

After many conversations, Lucas and Gea moved to music and show agency Jan Vis on April 1, 2004. On October 12, 2004, they recorded a new DVD in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Due to bad weather the production was slowed down and it became mid-2005 that the DVD was released. In October 2005, the transfer from Vis booking office to Volendam Music is made. Volendam Music manages to sell the DVD recorded in Mexico nationwide. The Tros broadcasts a compilation of the TV special on the station. After this success, in January 2006 it was decided to record a reallifesoap of the duo.

From 25 August the first images of the soap will be screened at RTV Noord. It also contains images of the concert in Borger in May 2006. In September 2006, Lucas's 25th anniversary as an artist was celebrated in Scheemda and the 10th anniversary of Lucas and Gea together with a concert. In 2007 they released the single Met een lach door een leven, from the eponymous album, written and composed by Jheron van der Heijden who also wrote the single in 2008 entitled Today I Let Me Go and wrote the album Lief & Leed. Besides their performances throughout the Netherlands in 2008, in collaboration with the band Papa Di Grazzi started their own Theatertour entitled Met een lach through life.

In March 2009 the album Country was released and was in the top 100 album for 3 weeks, and in June 2009 the single Together with you (on a terrace) was released. (written by their regular lyricist Jheron van der Heijden) In July 2009 Lucas & Gea were a guest at the Tros Muziekfeest recorded in Groningen with their single Together with you (on a terrace). In April 2010 the album Forgotten Dreams was released, after which the singles I love you anyway, Zomerzon and You are much nicer when you laugh have appeared.

In January 2011 the single Enjoy van alles in life was released under their own label L&G. (written by lyricist Jheron van der Heijden)

Here the link of the song I filmed at the time and posted on YouTube 😍