Abortion referendum ireland ~ Church today

Abortion referendum ireland ~ Church today

Ireland voted yes to abortion last day's.
A big concern in the Church today. 
And yes: it should be!

But how manytimes is there an 'spiritual abortion' in Church today, when they are praying for healing for the sick (yes I know the Bible say's so), but when the person is not healed then they will be under a 'spiritual abortion':

You didn't believe;
If you don't want me to pray for your healing (...?!), God is a gentlemen;
WIth your health condition your not able to speak in Church;
Evangelism, you? Stay at home, your in a wheelchair!

I know what I'm talking about in this case: it happend to me and many others!

Example: a few years ago, a church invited me to come preach in there Church, but when I asked if there stage was wheelchair prove, I wasn't welcome anymore!
When I wanted to help in an Evangelism campagne, the Church didn't wanted it, because most of the time I was in wheelchair.

Now, people can be cruel, abortion is not only a natural thing, but also spiritual!

A well, God is with me, He abides in me, His will be done!


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