Drunk bagger come in to Church and asked to sing...

Drunk bagger come in to Church and asked to sing...

This really made me cry today!

Now I really was searching for the song: do we have an answer for the world today…? And I was intending to write a line or so, about Jesus who is really the answer for today.

Then I came across this movie, it is in Brazil. The drunk man came in Church and asked if he may sing a song. The members where laughing about it, but then the pastor lets him sing.

Watch what is happening then:

How would you reacted on a drunk man that came into your Church? Would you feel led by the Holy Spirit and let the Church become embarrassed? Would you send this drunk man away? Maybe you send Jesus away in the midst of the sermon! 

How different would it be, when someone comes up at the stage of the church, and everyone is laughing, saying: what could he possibly have to say to us. He isn’t a preacher anyway!

Then the person starts to speak out: 

‘Today you have to came to hear the Words of Jesus Christ. Today He isn’t going to speak to you. It is because Jesus Christ stands outside of your Church today! You laughed at Him, you mocked Him, you have denied Him at the door of the Church! But He is here now, He is standing in front of you today. Repent! O repent, you Church! You may have laughed about me, You may have mocked Me, but I will never be silent as the drunk men was in the movie!’

‘You may have heard about the Book of Books, about the Words that are written into it. You even may have read the Words in it that says’:

‘I’m the Lord your God, there is no one besides Me, for I’m the answer for the world today. I’m the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father then by Me!’

'Come to the Father!'


Now what is your answer for the World today? What is the Church answer today? 

‘I’m the Lord your God, there is no one besides me!’ Jesus is the answer today!

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