Macaroni Carbonara ala Riek

Lekker om te maken  inspiratie van Elisabeth Kitchen 

Spaghetti carbonara Elisabeth-Style

Wat heb je nodig?

2 teenjes knoflook 

2 Uien

1 Flesje kookroom

100 gr Geraspte kaas

2 Eieren

100 gr spekblokjes 

Wokkels Macaroni 

Ik heb er net iets anders van gemaakt. Wij houden niet zo van aubergine en de pijnboompitjes ook weg gelaten.

Wel heb ik knoflook erbij gedaan, uien, Kook room,spekkie's en geraspte kaas. Was niet moeilijk om te maken oja niet te vergeten 2 eieren toegevoegd aan de macaroni wokkels ook erg lekker.  Mijn dochter had twee borden leeg gegeten dus het smaakte erg goed :) Voor de rest heb ik het recept wel aan gehouden. Had nog nooit echt met kook room gewerkt ga ik ook vaker doen. 

Begin koken nog leuker te vinden door deze inspiratie's van Elisabeth's Kitchen. 

Ik heb de link verwerkt in haar recept :) En zo zie je nog meer leuke recepten van Elisabeth's Kitchen

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Meeting a buzzard at Marquette in Heemskerk
A month or three ago wrote @jolandemooij regarding Marquette castle in Heemskerk (this link takes you to her blog and opens in a new window). I often drive past it with my bus, but had never been there until we heard that there are old owls to be found. So we got in the car, to look for the long-eared owls, camera, of course! We didn't find the owls, and we didn't walk for very long either, because it was drizzly, and rained occasionally. But we did have a nice meeting with a buzzard, who was initially advertising on the entrance sign of the castle, but soon sat down on a branch, much to the dismay of many birds, who flew in panic. A great opportunity for us to photograph the animal: The animal was searching around, in search of food. The photographers were a little too big as a snack, I suspect (luckily). Soon, those two big eyes that were aimed at him/her became too much of the animal: high time to hide: Of course, we left the animal alone, and walked further. We came across another woodpecker, who didn't really want to be in the picture either: Searching for insects is the most important work of the woodpecker at the moment, although he made himself heard for a while (which remains a nice sound!) And just when we were almost near the car, we heard an owl. as if he wanted to say hello to us. A tawny owl (we looked up the sound), the long-eared owls are hidden for the time being. I didn't want to remember these photos. If you are in the area: Marquette is a nice walking area, take a look! Photos of own photos (raw) taken with my Olympus OMD EM1 mark 2. #Photography #photography #nature #roofvogels #marquette #heemskerk