Macaroni met italiaanse groentesaus ala Riek


  (voor vier personen)                                                                  1 ui                                                                                                        2 tenen knoflook                                                                      300 g macaroni                                                                              2 eetlepels olijfolie                                                                      400 g tomatenblokjes                                                              500g belegen kaas

1.  Water in een pan en doe je de macaroni in zet het op vuur tot dat het kookt. even roeren en dan deksel erop. Ongeveer 10 minuten laten koken. 

2 . Eerst maak je de ui schoon en snij ze in stukjes. Dan pak je de wok en zet je die op het vuur. Doe daar 2 eetlepels olijfolie in de wok. Vervolgens doe je de ui erin tot deze goudbruin is gebakken. 

Daarna de knoflook erbij samen met de roerbakmix en roerbak dan 5 minuten.Voeg dan de tijm en de tomatenblokjes toe en verwarm al roerend tot de saus kookt. Breng op smaak met peper en zout. 

3.  Dan giet je de macaroni af in een vergiet. En doe je de macaroni bij de saus roer dat goed door elkaar. 

4. Nou pakje een bord en schep je op en doe je er geraspte kaas over de macaroni.

5. Ik kan zeggen het was om te smullen wij hebben er twee borden van gehad. Mocht je het gaan maken smakelijk eten alvast en veel plezier. 

6. En daarna hadden we nog een lekker toetje die was dan niet zelf gemaakt. Maar dat komt ook nog wel.

Foto's zijn doormij zelf gemaakt. 

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The sharpest look in the world! (photoblog)
When someone can see very far, can see sharply, it is said that this person has an eagle's eye. Not unjustly, because the sharpest eyes in the world are the eyes of birds of prey and owls. Birds of prey see their prey at high altitudes, and dive into it, often without, but equally successfully. Owls see well in the night, that is, the night-active owls. They also have great hearing. In this blog I focus on the gaze of different birds of prey. During various workshops and photo shoots I became fascinated by the eyes and the sharp gaze of birds of prey and owls. Below is a selection of the most beautiful photos: This African Oehoe has its focus on the goal! Also, or perhaps, on the ground, an Oehoe is vigilant... For these beautiful eyes of the European Oehoe I fell right away! The look of this Steppe eagle makes a little anxious! This owl is daily active, this can be seen from the yellow eyes, the look is as always sharp! Every time I am amazed at the amount of feathers and feathers around an owl eye, so beautifully placed! The beautiful bulging of the crystal clear eye... The tough look of a little owl. A furuncle is about 15 cm tall, but that says nothing: they are birds of prey! Here too: the hundreds of small feathers... Perhaps the most beautiful eyes of the bird world: the eyes of Chuck, a European Oehoe. The sunlight lights up Chuck's Iris, you can't help but fall madly in love with... The beautiful red kite, with all such beautiful eyes. The red kite in flight: focused on its target! The beautiful brown eye of Pino, Tintin Caracara. Again, Pino, she's looking right through you. No matter how young they are, the eyes of an owl speak to the imagination! Last but not least: the dark eyes of the beautiful Kerowl, with the wreath of feathers around the head. Look at what a smug... Did you know that owls can fly silently? And did you know that the feathers at Oehoe's aren't their ears? The ears of an owl are in the skull, uneven height. Did you know that you can learn a lot by scouting an owl ball? Owls eat their prey with skin and hair. If you dissect a vomit ball, you can see from the bones and skull what the owl ate. All these pictures were made by me with the help of Marina Bliek, falconer in IJzendijke Zeeland. I can't thank Marina enough for the times we were welcome to come and photograph, and tell us about the birds. All birds in the pictures are owned by Marina Bliek, the birds are grown in captivity, but could survive in the wild. Enjoyed the photos? You can reward me with a heart at the bottom of the mail. You're not a Yoors member? Then you can't share my heart, you are welcome as a member of Yoors! You can also share the blog, for which you will find sharing buttons at the bottom. #fotografie #roofvogelfotografie #uilen #arend #valkeniershof #kerkuil #steenuil #canon #olympusomd