Maddy the Mouse (2)

'Hey, I missed you. Where were you? ' I ask the paprikamouse that suddenly turned up again.
'Oh, just here and there,' Maddy replies.
'But I haven't seen you here,' I say.
'Then I was there,' says Maddy.
'And if I didn't see you there...'
'Then I was here.'
That seems like a logic that I cannot compete with. 'It's nice to see you again.'
'Yeah, I think I'll go now.'
'I'm not much of a podiumbeast. Everyone is looking at me. I don't feel comfortable with that.'
'I'm not everyone, am I?'
'Yes, but you will probably share this story on yoors again...'
'Is it so bad to be a famous mouse?'
'I do not know. Maybe I was better off as a bell pepper. '
'No! I think you are so much prettier!'