Make a tulip puzzle with cold enamel

With cold enamel you can make the most beautiful things. Use it to decorate or color an image with it in. The colors are nice and bright and it's like enamel but without using an oven! Ineke v.d. Linden made a beautiful tulips puzzle with this cold enamel. Do you read along?

What do you need?

- Puzzles with 6 pieces- Collall

- Cold Enamel

- Pencil

- Knife

How do you make it?

1. Put a sketch on your puzzle what you want to put on it with cold enamel

2. The cold enamel material is thin and flowing of substance. Apply it in particles to the puzzle

3. If you want to mix colors or apply textures, use a cocktail stick

4. Let it dry well for a day

5. Cut out the contours of the puzzles with your knife

6. Now you can puzzle with it!


To make a tulip puzzle you need the materials shown on the right side!

You can find cold enamel here - no sponging



Puzzles or a puzzle glue, you will find it below.

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