#Makeup  The makeup for the cinema is an important factor for the development in the world of the seventh art. Moreover, movies as we know them could not be made without the collaboration of professional make-up artists. In fact, what we see on screen rarely has to do with reality and the hand of expert makeup artists when creating the characters has a great weight. In that sense, in the universe of cinema we can talk about two types of professional makeup. On the one hand we find the so-called normal or beautifying makeup and, on the other, what is known as characterization makeup where they can be creatures or some other. Both are essential for the proper development of films.

Characterization makeup is a type of makeup that, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, has a very different purpose from common makeup, which in this case we seek to transform the actor or actress into a totally different character. This specialty is ideal for some film genres such as horror movies, fantasy movies, science fiction movies...

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Make up in the movies