Makeup in ancient Greece, Rome.

It is fascinating to discover ancient information about this daily practice today, so today we will learn about makeup in these ancient empires.

In classical Greece, makeup was disguised, although important for Greek women. As a curious fact, they wore an eyebrow, which they sometimes obtained from animal hair just like the Romans.

In Roman times, hairstyle and makeup were taken care of to the utmost, especially at social events. The canon of beauty was that of a woman with white skin and flushed cheeks. White skin was synonymous with nobility and distinction compared to women with dark or sunburned skin who worked in the fields. Substances such as soot were used to paint eyes and eyebrows. To obtain eyeshadows, natural pigments were used either from the area itself or imported.

At this time, most cosmetics came from vegetation and animals, with the exception of albayalde - or basic lead carbonate - for fair skin and kohl.

This cosmetic was applied by both men and women to the eyes to protect them from the sun and to beautify them. Its application has been so widespread in the countries of the Middle East, Africa and part of Asia that it has endured to this day.

This black eye makeup was really toxic and its composition varied depending on where you will be.