Making autumn art with cold enamel autumn colors

Super nice material, that “cold enamel”. The effects of glossy colors without the use of an oven. And this time I was in the mood for an autumn decoration/autumn art. The colors of autumn give a nice effect when you mix them with each other without losing the color. Do you read how to use and make this?

Just some info about “cold enamel”

Colorall Cold Enamel gives a decorative finish coat that allows you to decorate all kinds of objects as if it were enamel. Cold Enamel can be used directly from the bottle. The colors do not merge. Cold Enamel gives a beautiful shiny end result. To mix the colors, use a pointed object like a needle or pin. Beware of stains, these arenot washable.

Transparent Cold Enamel can be used to create a bright glossy finish coat on photos, images and homemade prints. It is always important to test the Cold Enamel first. The paper, printer and ink can give an undesirable effect. So first test on a test piece. Transparent Cold Enamel can be applied directly from the bottle or with a brush to the surface. Cool Enamel allow to dry and harden well, this will take at least 24 hours.

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What do you need?

- Collall cold enamel colors: brown, orange, yellow, green

- Cocktail sticks

- Paper plate

- chenille thread in matching colours

- Cuddle glue/glue gun

How do you make it?

1. I first drip some drops from the chosen colors of the cold enamel.

2. I distribute the drops over the plate in the colors mentioned

3. Now you use the cocktail stick to make strips/ rotary movements in the paint. That gives a nice mixture without becoming one color at once

4. But for more effect I put more drops on it until I have a nice surface full

5. With the stick through it you can create beautiful patterns.. as you like it yourself

6. Once done it is a matter of 24 hours drying!

7. Use matching colors of chenille thread and twist it around a stem or thick marker to give you a spiral shape

8. Glue the curly wires around the plate with cuddle glue/glue gun.

9. Make a hook of thin thread to hang your autumn work of art!





Creative colors/materials for decorative autumn crafts!

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