#crafting In my work with children and personally, I often worked with making soaps from zabila, cucumber and oats, in order to help train them in an activity that could in the future be a source of income for them. For me, this activity also helped me to contribute to my family's expenses.

The elaboration of these will depend on their use, each one is used for a purpose. For example, oats are exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing, those of zabila are healing and moisturizing, and those of Cucumber have antioxidant properties that help slow premature aging and promote the production of collagen and elastin. In addition, it acts as a natural toning and astringent, I always accompany everyone with honey, natural essences and other little tricks that I use, so that these are exquisite and have good acceptance with customers. As you know, soaps are formed by a saponification process that can be obtained by using glycerin in mixture with the previous products, or by carefully mixing between a natural oil plus caustic soda and then the rest of the ingredients, such as honey essences and natural color that you can give them with the color of the crystal, that of cucumber or roses with the essence of roses or others you want.