Making Pokémon from iron beads

Hurray, there's coming! And the nice thing is, there'stinkeringis going to be! As soon as Esmee (7 years old) arrives, she wants to tinker. And actuallyonly Pokémon, because she's a fan of everything Pokémon has to do with her. Since the boxes with Hama ironing beads are still on the table, she immediately gets excited to make something with that. So we immediately look for Pokémon patterns on the computer, for the largest 29x29 pin bottom plate.

Soon we have a nice bigPikachu found! You can find the pattern at the bottom and you can also download it. By counting the number of pins, you can easily lay it according to the pattern. Also a 7-year-old girl, as you can see.

Inge made a Pokéball, with the image on the phone next to it, handy! She also found a pair of tweezers useful. What was not so convenient is that the black beads were out for the band of the Pokéball.

Tip: just put a different color in place, and after melting you can use the beadswith a waterproof marker blackMake! Smart, huh? You could paint the beads with marker before ironing, I think.

The pattern can be downloaded larger at Kandi Patterns

There was also time to make a Jolteon. The picture I got from Pinterest, creator really did not find, click here for the slightly larger picture. So print out, by counting you can make it right away. Unfortunately the black beads were out, so Esmee used gray instead of black.

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