Making profit by just knowing affiliate marketing exist? How and why follows...

AI marketing


good investment? 

When I heard I do not have to know a thing, but one thing about affiliate, and still earn 25-35% of investment in affiliate, I thought it's a scam. My skeptic mind was working it's best to know everything about it and affiliate marketing. Yet, AI marketing story sounded convincing, once you understand the few simple things on how affiliate works.

To make long stories short: If someone is making product A and want to sell it online fast to the targeted audience, best way to do it nowadays is find a retailer who will make affiliate link for your product. Special link for publisher, blogger, influencer came across retailers affiliate program, become partner under certain conditions, afterwords he or she can sell that A product by giving promotion and review. If sell is made, publisher earn commission. That's how affiliate marketing works.

Back on the story about AI marketing and market bot. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, so boring part of affiliate and marketing, algorithm calculating is done by that bot. Other part is done by entire team of experts working in the firm. Well, they offer 50$ for the first campaign, for each new account made (one per person) to take a test run on how market bot actually work in practice. To prof a concept. In order to make profit withdraw, you'll be asked to give back 50$, and to top-up some minimum amount for new campaign. Than you can transfer money in and out as you wish. Proof of concept is there, at the end of campaign you'll be in profit from 25-35%. If bot and the team, does all the job, what that makes You once you register? You become an investor actually, with the role of pre-buying advertising space for your affiliate marketing campaign.

The bigger amount of your top-up (or advertising budget on the picture), bigger the space and better champagnes for your bot to work. Meanwhile, the team of marketing experts decides about niches and trends in which ways your affiliate link will made you a profit. 

Great thing is also protection system they made, so if the buyer returns the product, You'll get your money anyway. It's so called protection bot, and it's founded by 45% of users profit. There are some additional way to earn money by building a network with only first strain having the benefit every time someone from network top-ups and start a new campaign.

On top of that, AI marketing just made alive and even better from massive lawsuits. During the trail is established that cyber attack was cause of money leaking from investors accounts, yet money was replaced very soon from Bot protection fond. They rest their case as legit and non-pyramid scheme firm, doing legit business. 

Furthermore, I'll show you mine profile and some screenshots from my AI marketing account. So far, I just make a registration, started first campaign with theirs landed 50$. After a while, I top up with another 50$. Now, I have 157$, and still spending that last investment.

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Will you register?

Will you invest?

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Here You can find the link for the registration: 

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Affiliate AI Market BOT dashboard



Picture 1. Chart on how my AI Market Bot was working  57.82% at profit in last 30 days. 


Picture 2. Closer look on statistics on total amount of views, visitors and total sales made with two champagnes, each of 50$.


Picture 3. Besides online shopping benefits, earning money passively, also gives the way to create affiliate links, in order to manually select wanted products.


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