Mama's garden

#vegetablegarden The situation on land is not a secret for anyone, and many have had to sow to grow their own food and thus save a little money.
My mother has laid out her own garden in her yard, it is a small piece of land where she has many plants, she has always liked plants, although before that she had only flower trees. Now he has planted vegetables, leafy vegetables, legumes and various fruit trees in his small garden that he uses to prepare his own meals.
It uses very few fertilizers, it reuses the organic waste generated daily to prepare the elements to fertilize the crops. She says “that the best manure she has is the love and care she gives to her plants" (she talks to them and sells them if they do not want to bear fruit).
It is undoubtedly a great blessing to have a small piece of land and plants that produce vegetables, vegetables and fruits.