Managing in an unreal world

We live temporarily in an unreal world, the streets are often quiet and empty and we work as much as possible from home. In this world we also give instructions to our children while working from home and where possible we help others. Especially for managers this is a difficult time, I heard say that productivity is less. Sometimes that makes sense, but not by me. A few years ago I had already indicated that the new work didn't work because managers had difficulty steering output instead of what employees saw doing, employees working at home have a different rhythm and need to be controlled in a different way. The control is via output. What is feasible to do in a day and how do you achieve that happened. Less important is when it happens one day and what this employee does in between. Projects often use the daily standup to see what the status of the work is and what people run into and how we can help each other solve it (what do you need to move on). This meeting is also easy to implement for companies in other activities and you can also apply well in the business operations, as the whole SCRUM methodology is best suited for that. If you are open to these kinds of solutions and opportunities, I am happy to help you to set up a lot of things. Let us stay positive at this time, get to work as effectively as possible and, above all, help each other to exist as soon as we emerge from this crisis.

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A child with TOS (Language development lag)
Bye, everyone. I want to tell you about my story of my youngest son. Because our youngest son has TOS. A lot of people would wonder what is TOS? Well in this article I'm going to explain. My child has TOS (language developments backlog) My son, 3.5 years old, we have been told that he has TOS. After a lot of studies of almost half a year, this diagnosis has now been made. We didn't know anything about it at first and then got all the information we needed. All examinations also went through the hospital. There really came a lot at us and could not really give it a place yet. We know now what our son has because it is very difficult that he can hardly talk. It's not just the talking we're dealing with. He is 3.5 years old and we do not get housebroken at all and he still can't ride. Because it's true when you have TOS that not only your language is behind but also many more things. We hear that very much from our son because he is 3.5 years old but you can watch him in his actions and leave him like a 1.5-year-old child. There's an age difference of 2 years. So just put it simply, he's two years behind. Even though we're always working on him, he doesn't pick up anything.. Now he has had speech therapy for 2 years, and that too did not help. She also sent us for further investigations. We're really grateful to her for this or we still wouldn't have known exactly what he had. So now we are looking at which School choice we have to make for him because that is also very difficult. He's still getting an investigation to see what his play and thinking level is and from there we can hopefully make the right school choice. We also notice to our little boy that he can be anything with a dog. So they have already told us that it might be an option to give him a little dog and raise it after his hand so that he will always have a boyfriend with him who understands him and who he himself understands.. We think that is quite a good idea but really honest the prices for a dog in this corona time are really very expensive. Is for us with a simple benefit really not to pay. Maybe in the future, but we are looking at that even more so to see if we can get help for that.. Below, I will tell what exactly TOS is. What is TOS? A language development disorder (TOS) is a neurocognitive developmental disorder. This means that language in the brain is less processed. For example, a child with TOS has great difficulty talking or understanding language. The development of language and speech is different from that of peers. CHILDREN WITH TOS: hear well; learn their mother tongue slowly and laboriously; have a normal intelligence; it is difficult to remember sounds and words; have difficulty with grammar; find dealing with emotions troublesome; having trouble planning. LANGUAGE RETARDING OR LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT DISORDER? A language backlog is not the same as a language development disorder. A language delay can arise if a child hears or speaks little of his mother tongue. Due to more language supply, the child often overtakes the backlog. With a language development disorder there is more to it. Something is wrong with the innate ability to learn language. The process of language development is different because the brain does not process language optimally. Only more offer will not help. Specialized treatment offer is needed. Maybe later when I have more information leaflets, I'll go into this more detail and what else we're all going to have to do with our little boy. Lots of love Mama-Rosita
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I'm new here again
#iamnewhere My name is Rudi and after a long inactivity (apart from a few small visits) I am new here on Yoors. We are happy to create beautiful content again and participate in many challenges. I post a lot of poetry, maybe also short stories if the inspiration is there and also pictures of nature, my pet and so on...