Mandy and Leonie are interrupted

#Leonie is a woman over 40, she could be your neighbor. After her divorce, she builds her new life. With neighbor Mandy she has dinner appointments of the good kind: Mandy cooks! Love also comes around the corner, with all the consequences that this entails.

Leonie called on her children to shower even shorter, especially Julia could sometimes do some of it. It was a good thing the kids didn't know how long Leonie and Mandy had spent in the shower! Leonie smiled at that thought. Afterwards, Mandy took a towel and dried Leonie's body carefully. Leonie had experienced it with his eyes closed full of pleasure. “Do you have a nice oil or something?” asked Mandy. Leonie nodded in the direction of the mirror cabinet hanging over the sink. “I have some more,” she said. Mandy looked at Leonie naughty and opened the cabinet to extract a bottle of massage oil. Quickly she turned the cap of the bottle and smelled it. “All right,” she said as she poured some oil on her hand and rubbed her hands. Then she started smearing Leonie with the delicious oil. When she was all smeared, Mandy draped a robe around her shoulders.

A little later they sat on the couch together, in bathrobe and all pinkish. They kissed a little and afterwards enjoyed the languid feeling of warm water and the smell of the oil. “Do you want coffee?” Leonie finally asked. “Oh, please!” said Mandy. “It's Senseo,” said Leonie. “Oh, well, it's no different,” said Mandy as she shrugged her shoulders. Leonie wanted to get up, but Mandy stopped her. “Ho ho, it's not like that! First a kiss”, Mandy looked nicely at it. Leonie laughed and obeyed.

All of a sudden, everything happened outside. They heard the door of the gallery slam, someone was crying on the gallery, the footsteps were approaching at a fast pace. And stopped in front of Leonie's door. Leonie held her breath. There rang the bell and a voice that shouted, “Leonie! Please! Be home!” Leonie looked at Mandy. “Ilse!” Thought Leonie suddenly recognized the voice. “It's Ilse”, she said aloud, “I have to open up”. She immediately added the act to the word and walked to the front door to open it for her girlfriend. “Ilse, girl, what is it?” Ilse stormed in, followed by Leonie. In the middle of the living room Ilse stood still, turned to Leonie and burst again in tears. “Vincent cheated on me!” she cried out. “Oh, girl anyway,” said Leonie, spreading her arms around Ilse. Ilse made use of that gratefully. They stood like that for a while.

Then Ilse seemed to be landing on Earth again. She broke herself out of Leonie's embrace while she looked at Mandy on the couch. She looked from Mandy to Leonie and back, suddenly realizing that both of them were dressed in a bathrobe. “You... sorry... I interrupted you,” she stammered. Leonie felt uncomfortable, too. “Honey, sit down, I'll get coffee.” Like a robot, Ilse did what Leonie said. When Leonie returned to the living room with the coffee, Mandy and Ilse were still sitting quietly on the couch, without having said anything to each other. Leonie put the coffee on the table and sat in a bit strategically between the two, not right next to Mandy to make Ilse not feel left out, but also not at Ilse to prevent Mandy from feeling uncomfortable. “Tell me, what happened?” she asked Ilse.