Mandy comes to Leonie brunch

#leonie is a woman over 40, she could be your neighbor. After her divorce, she builds her new life. With neighbor Mandy she has dinner appointments of the good kind: Mandy cooks! Love also comes around the corner, with all the consequences that this entails.

Humming Leonie put two plates on the table the next morning, decided what time she would put the sandwiches in the oven and cook the eggs. Of course she had already checked if Mandy's car was in the parking lot, she had already seen that at night when she was awake.

Ding-dong! Leonie sprinted to the door to open it for Mandy. “Hey, sweetie,” Mandy greeted her. She kissed her softly on her mouth and then walked on to the living room. Leonie closed the front door and walked up to Mandy. This was different. It's like Mandy wasn't quite there. “Is something wrong?” Leonie asked. “No”, did Mandy surprised, “what should be there?” “I don't know, you're... different or something. Are you tired? Do you have any concerns?” Mandy was fluttering her hand. “Nothing to worry about,” she said. Leonie hesitated for a moment. “Coffee?” she asked anyway. “And I hope you're hungry,” she chuckled pointing at the dining table. Mandy looked at the table. “Ow, yummy! Well, I'm pretty hungry, now that you mention it!” With her eyes, she wandered over Leonie's body, making it blush.

Leonie enjoyed the delicious things on the table, the warm balls, with butter and sugar, the sandwiches with poppy seeds, a glass of orange juice, some fruit. She always ate way too much on occasions like this. Mandy ate much smaller quantities, but tasted everything. Leonie felt that they couldn't get the right tone together, they chatted together and Mandy made the ambiguous jokes she always made, but somehow it was different than it had been before.

That changed when Leonie started clearing the table. Mandy came up behind her and grabbed Leonie by her waist and shoved her hands under Leonie's sweater. Leonie felt the goose bumps running all over her body. Mandy's hands were pat her belly and slowly crawled up to her breasts. All of a sudden, Mandy Leonie turned around and started kissing her wild. “I suddenly feel like taking a shower,” she breathed down Leonie's neck. “Now. Here. With you.” She looked at Leonie firmly, grabbed her by her hand and escorted her to the bathroom. Leonie had a clear moment and quickly walked to the front door to do it on the cut, so she knew that not one of the children could suddenly stand inside. Then she followed Mandy to the bathroom.