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Out of Alas

Out of Alas

I want to get drunk,

Show you how deep I have sunk

Tonight, it was I whom created that feeling

For me, babe, there ain’t no goddamn healing.

Stoned, screwin and screaming,

The only thing I have been dreaming,

You and me, babe, running wild,

You, the firecracker , and me, the innocent child.

You should have known,

you, you, you, just you

You say: I should have been goddamn lucky,

So fucking lucky,

Lucky before the lucky,

it should have been,

Well sure babe, it ain’t the easiness of life I mean,

You think, I’m the only one who cares about those women,

It should have been that way, back then,

I should have realised,

It was my hate you have easily fed.

Ain’t no way of showing you,

Live is it as it is, just blue

Well, please mind your own sinkin’ ships.

I ain’t no longer customer on your godforsaken trips...

© MvS

Zoals ik al bij je andere blog schreef, je moet songteksten gaan schrijven. Ik hoor het Alanis Morrisette gewoon zingen.
06-12-2016 14:54
06-12-2016 14:54 • Reageer