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The moment I got into the top 20.
Video creator contest. - Top 20 made me shake! A competition was organized by the creators of the game “NARAKA: Bladepoint” The assignment was very simple, play the game and make a video of it. Of course, I took this simple task very seriously! During the video editing I already came to my first obstacle. We were only allowed to use music from the game itself! Sounds like a simple thing, but it certainly isn't. Because music in game itself is usually not pure, you always hear background sounds from in the game! (wind, water, fights in the distance, etc. ) You could only play the game a limited duration, so I simply didn't have the time to record music. But then I did something risky! I went to dig into the files of the game itself. This isn't necessarily something you're not supposed to do, but it's something that most game-makers don't like because you can find things like unpublished things of the future of the game. So what should remain secret. Fortunately for me, my intentions were not to start finding secret things, but simply simple to find the music of the game itself. It was a hassle but in the end I found everything and this gave me MUCH more freedom in the editing! Here I went, I mounted the video as best I could and took out all the best triumph cards I could with the tools I had. And sent my video to the creators. I waited in suspense. Then the forum came up with the top 20 and there I was then: 3 Now it boils down to the voices. I am already super happy and proud to have reached the top 20! It's given me such a big self-confidence boost! Who knows I'll get it now in the top 3, we'll see ^^ Indien je me wilt helpen bij deze wedstrijd voel je dan vrij om op me te stemmen hier: ( Op de 11de plaats " That time I *ALMOST* got 3 wins in a row! | [Naraka: Bladepoint] " ) Door op ''Kudo'' te duwen en dan ''verzenden'' onderaan.   Video Contest - Top 20 -
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Our tour Norway...
#yoorsworldtrip2021 #Noorwegen In 2002 we made a 3-week tour of Norway with our own car. The country is too beautiful to summarize in this blog. I will post more blogs about it once I have pasted the photos and processed my report. I now came to the discovery that I need to re-sort the photos. I've been so stupid to give them to my help once so her daughter could see them.. He had also been in Norway and wanted to see our pictures so much. Come to the discovery that all the rolls are no longer in the correct order and the pictures in the package are not. That's gonna be a fun challenge for me so. Anyway, now some nice pictures and some information. Driving there was so super relaxed no one drove over 80 km. That was forbidden and everyone also adhered to it. What a relief Fred thought that. Nature is overwhelmingly beautiful!! Norway's largest and best-preserved stave church was built in the period 1147-1249 and is still used today (that was in 2002) or is still so I do not know. The special atmosphere in the church allows us to experience how things must have been done here in the Middle Ages. I only got one picture inside think it was too dark for it. otherwise I would have had them. It is said that the Geirangerfjord is the most beautiful Norwegian fjord. Whether it really is, I don't dare say. To me, they were all equally beautiful. We made a boat trip through the fjord and he is without a doubt really beautiful. He is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is 15km long and is very close in some places with steep cliffs on both sides and spectacular waterfalls are swirling down from high altitude. At some point we could choose through a long tunnel or over. Nothing tunnel says Fred I go upstairs over. Was a nice detour but we were happy to. Above there was snow and suddenly we stood in front of a group of Elks. That was enjoying!! The tunnel that was said to be imitated there was the Northern Lights we did of course. Nice hey... if it matches reality I don't know. Challenge: Yoors world trip in 30 days - Read more