Maternity by Assisted Reproduction

#pregnancy The technology used for assisted reproduction, used for the treatment of infertility, here are handled as many women's eggs, as men's sperm.
This method consists of extracting the woman's eggs and mixing them with the sperm to produce the embryo.
It can be performed in two ways:

•Artificial insemination
It consists of depositing semen in the uterus so that it is mixed with eggs that were previously stimulated with subcutaneous injections

• In Vitro Fertilization
It consists that when artificial insemination fails, they bind the egg and sperm in laboratory, once they have embryos are ingested in the woman's uterus.

Age is key to success
The average age that the patient should have and more favorable is 20 to 35 years and the man not older than 45 years, the younger the better.
There is a possibility of multiple pregnancies, when couples are anxious about not getting pregnant immediately and require several embryos to be ingested and all are effective.

Recommendations for a successful pregnancy
• Quit smoking and drinking both parents
• That they are in reasonable weight
• Man should abandon all habits and toxic products, which influence the quality of semen
•Take folic acid supplements three months before conceiving
• Perform regular physical exercises
Couples usually when they manage to get pregnant, they always leave frozen embryos for a certain time, but often, because of problems between couples they leave these embryos and remain in limbo.