Maurice in lavender

Hiking in the mountains and knowledge of herbs are the two passions, which I can fully experience every year on holiday in my Drômeland.
As I approach the Col de Menée, the light and the sky will change. Southern scents of rosemary, thyme and lavender warm my head and my heart. Across the street is the Drômeland at my feet, the town of Die and the gîte Abbaye de Valcroissant, at the foot of the Vercors, has been my place to explore and experience this herb region for years.

Here, the southern plants thyme, rosemary and savory meet the mountain plants yellow gentian and edelweiss. But there's more, medical plants like madder and bearberry I've met here for the first time in person. And then there are the special chielly, Aphyllantes monspeliensis and the false arnica, Buphtalmum salicifolium. Many plants with as many strange stories. A place full of spirit uality!

The Drôme Valley has become not only a lavender region but a real herb paradise under the impulse of the Flemish and Dutch. There is the herb processing company Fytosan in the town of Die, several herb growers of Red Sun Hat, Thyme, Sage and others in the Quint Valley, west in Beaufort-Sur-Gervanne there is the beautiful aroma garden of the company Sanoflore. More south, in Bellegarde where I have lived for several years, you will find the remains of my own herb garden.
A wonderful plant world! Where can a herbalist or other herbalist be better!
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