Me History de Yoors


I recently entered the page, that was January 23, and from that day to here I have taken good life lessons. Yoors has allowed me to explore, get to know other cultures, see other topics of conversations other than what I see every day in my country. I honestly like the page very much. My dream since I was 12 years old is to write, love writing, it's my way of getting rid of steam, dreaming and seeing beyond. I already uploaded two chapters of two of my stories, and he had good comments and that motivates me.

Yoors is a community of educated people, who like to write, draw, some make videos and other recipes, that's great. Although I have a short time with the page I feel happy with it and with the opportunity it offers you, write freely and uncensored.
I hope I can continue to share with everyone more ideas, occurrences or perhaps my day to day.
I hope you all have a good day today. 💖
Darimel Urdaneta.