Meanwhile at Uncle Roon and Soofje

Who thought we were done with our uncle and his niece now that Inktober is over, is mistaken.
Still regularly we visit Uncle Roon and Droedel to record their stories. Almost always uncle speaks and Droedel follows the conversation from his basket with his eyes closed. Occasionally, our conversations are cheered up by Buuv Annie who just came by. She's now experiencing her purple period, whatever that may be. But at least she can tell about it with great enthusiasm.

Soofje has been more and more with Luc lately. Whether there's more between those two, only they know. Uncle doesn't ask about it and doesn't think it's his case. Secretly he liked all that costume party although it was sometimes quite embarrassing.
And Cousin Eef actually comes by regularly for uncle's advice. After having looked so much at Annie's artistic gifts, he appreciates his uncle's opinion more and more. But of course in his gallery world no one will find out that he has a painting whisperer.

This time we were with uncle to show him the first results of our Inktoberboekje. The first version was 'nice, 'but he didn't find much story in it. On his advice, the order of the Inktoberwords was completely mixed up and there was actually a nice story. Uncle had seen it right. Now we were there for the cover, because there were still a few comments to make about it, he found.

The booklet will be out soon and we are already proud of it. But we admit it honestly: without uncle's help, it would never have been a thing.

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